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Peterbilt.    Unless stated otherwise, these are packaged in window display package, with 6 pcs in a shipping carton for 1/32 scale, and 12 pcs in shipping carton for 1/43 scale utilty.  No minimum order.   Msrp shown, resellers please contact for wholesale pricing.


PB10283A     387 Flatdeck with tractors.  1:32 Scale

PB10293A   389 Flatdeck with farm tractor and bales.  1:32 Scale


PB10963     387 With Husqvarna Factory Racing truck.  1:32 Scale.


PB11053     387 Redbull Gasgas Race Team Truck.  1:32 Scale.


PB11283C     379 Big Rig Lowboy w Excavator 1:32 scale.


PB12073B     379 Livestock 1:32 

PB14363  379 W/ Plain white trailer.  Trailer has smooth sides, ideal for custom decals.  We do not provide decals.  1:32 scale

PB14393  387 With Red Bull KTM Race Truck,   1:32 Scale.


PBSS10333B    389 with Excavator & Wind Turbine  Replaces SS10333  1:32 Scale.

PBSS10553  379 With Side Dump  1:32 scale


PBSS10583   379 Pneumatic Dry Bulk 1:32 scale.

PBSS10673   379 Dump Truck with Construction Tractor, 1:32 scale.

PBSS11263A  .  379 Peterbilt with lowboy, and monster truck.  1:32 Scale.

PBSS12053   379 Peterbilt Tow Truck with 387 cab 1:32 scale.


PBSS12333A    379 With Peterbilt logo on dry van.  1:32 scale

PBSS12343G    387 with White Trailer.  Trailer has smooth sides, ideal for custom decals.  We do not provide decals.  1:32 scale


PBSS12343H   387 With Patriotic Graphic dry van, 1:32 scale


PBSS12363    379 Dry Van Keep On Truckin Logo      1;32 scale


PBSS12393    379  Dry Van Truckers Rule America Logo. 1:32 scale


PBSS13453B     389 With Dry Van with Peterbilt logo      1;32 scale


PBSS14323A    379 with Chrome Oil Tanker. 1:32 scale

PBSS52921 389 Cab, assorted colors. 4 Pieces in display tray.  1:32 scale

PBSS10641    379 Chrome Shop Mafia Truck,  2 styles, blue as shown, and white.  Display tray has 4 pieces.  1:32 scale. 

PBSS11643     POW / MIA Tribute Truck   1:32 scale.


PBSS33383A    379 Dump with Kubota Compact Loader, 1:32 scale. 


PBSS34023A   379 Flatbed with Kubota Excavator set.  1:32 scale.

1/43 Peterbilt.   These 1/43 scale items are packaged individually in window box.  12 pieces in shipping carton, no minimum order.


PB15553D    387 Dry Van with Peterbilt Logo. 1:43 scale. 


PB15923    387  Dry Van American Flag Theme. 1:43 scale. 

PB15973    379 Red Bull KTM Race Team, 1:43 scale.


PB16173    Roll-off Truck with New Holland L230 Skid Steer, 1:43 scale


PB16183    Roll-off Truck with New Holland B110C Loader, 1:43 scale

PBSS15053    Peterbilt tow truck with cab    1:43 scale

PBSS15123J    387 w flatdeck with forklift and bales   1:43 scale


PBSS15433    387 with oil tanker   1:43 scale


PBSS15453A    387 w grain trailer  1:43 scale.

PBSS15553D    387 w white trailer.  Trailer has smooth sides for custom decals.  We do not provide decals.  1:43 scale.


PBSS16116B    1949 380 Livestock hauler with cattle set.   1:43 scale


PBSS33363A    387 Flat Deck with Kubota Equipment set  1:43 scale

1/43 335 Utility Series.  12 assorted pieces in shipping carton.  We will mix and match as requested.  No minimum order.

PB15803D  335 Dry Van, white.  Smooth sides, for custom decals.  We do not provide decals.  1:43 scale

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