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Prices shown are msrp.  Please contact us for dealer and wholesale pricing.

1:32 Scale.  These small items are an impulse item, and have been used as christmas tree decorations.  1/32 scale items are packaged individually, with 24 pcs per shipping carton.  No minimum order.

750 Imola

750 Sport

900 SS

851 Super Bike

900 H.M.

750 F1

125 G.S. Marianna


250 Bicilindrico

500 GP

450 Scrambler ER

888 SBK Falappa

2DUC06037  1:32 scale Ducati bike assortment.  The display box contains a random assortment of the items pictured above.  

$5.95 Each

1:12 SCALE.  These items are around 7 inches in length.   No minimum order.

2DUC57063  1:12 scale GP11 Valentino Rossi 46

2DUC57143A  1:12 Scale 1198 Red

2DUC57533  1:12 Scale  Multistrada T2005 Pikes Peak 

2DUC57723   1:12 2015 Desmosedici Andrea Dovizioso 4.

2DUC57733  1:12 Desmosedici Andrea Iannone 29. 

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